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Nigel Kellaway

Nigel Kellaway - Actor, Director, Dancer, Musician, Contemporary Performance Maker

Nigel Kellaway has been a recognised leader in the development of avant-garde and hybrid performance practices in Australia over the past two decades. He is presently Artistic Director of The opera Project Inc. and continues to work widely as a freelance director and performer.

opera, theatre, performance, The opera Project, New opera, New Australian theatre, This most Wicked Body, The Berlioz our vampires ourselves, The Terror of Tosca, Tristan, El Inocente, Entertaining Paradise, Medea, The Audience and other Psychopaths, Choux Choux, Baguette, Rainbow Warrior, Song Company, Stopera, Urban Theatre Projects, Tadashi Suzuki, Rameau, Transvestism


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